Winter blahs goodbye!

Well it’s that time of year again when people start suffering from seasonal affect disorder. The days are short , its cold, no its freezing! Its just a hard time of year to be living in the state of Maine!
There are things we can do to make it better but we don’t do them. By staying inside not venturing out into the cold boredom sets in. We get lonely by not socializing, and for some of us boredom and loneliness leads to mild depression.( and sometimes manic depression)
For many years I fell prey to this syndrome but I have learned through the years that there are things that I need to do , because I am very prone to depression. One of the most important things I need to do is not isolate myself. I need to get out be around people. I need to share a laugh with a friend, I need to have a cuppa tea with my neighbors ,I need to be out and about. I cannot sit inside my house and do nothing.
I also need sunshine! I crave it! Without sunshine I don’t sleep as well, I’m not as cheerful ,I’m grumpy and tire easily! I’m seriously thinking about getting one of those lamps the 10,000 lux lamps that simulates daylight. I really think that will help me. I figure there must be some value to it since doctors actually prescribe those lamps for people who suffer from winter depression. The only other alternative is a week vacation in Florida and since I can can neither afford it ,nor spare the time from work I guess the lamp is the way to go ! For $39.99 at I can get a little portable lamp with the blue light spectrum is supposed to be extremely good for the winter doldrums. I get plenty of exercise at work, so that’s not an issue and I get an opportunity to socialize with both my customers and my dear friends who spend a lot of time at the shop , so the isolating part isn’t an issue anymore as it was in the past
. I have to give myself a pep talk on a regular basis because I very easily get discouraged this time year. I just have to remind myself that this too will pass ,that the weather is going to get better ,the days will get longer and is just a small matter of time and things are going to get easier ! it doesn’t help matters that this time of year business is very slow so I worry more about money ,I’m paying for fuel so I worry more about money!Yes ,theres a reoccurring theme there .I worry for more about money this time of year. In the summertime there is no fuel to pay for. In the summertime business is a lot better. And in the summertime I get my daily dose of vitamin D with ample sunshine.
The weather outside is frightful and that’s just the downright truth. It’s 30 below zero tonight it’s very hard to stay positive when your freezing your ass off! January is a beast! Thank God for the fireplace with a good hot fire and thank God for electric blankets!
I’m doing what I can to stay happy and positive. My advice to everybody is work at it. You get what to give, you reap what you sow, if you want to be happy you have to choose it , it zwould be very easy to just lay back and give in to the negativity. But I’m not going to do it ! I’ve learned through the years , it’s not an option so I choose to find my happiness and I work through the winter doldrums . I work hard at it! And it’s working!

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Random thoughts

I was just thinking
Friggan barking dogs, shock collar was a bust! I’d never try that again, even thou my dogs are outside right now disturbing the neighborhood, and me! Collar shocked alright, then the dog squealed which made it repeat shock, causing yet another squeal, and more shocks…. You see a pattern forming here!? ’twas not pretty” !
Just got a private message asking me a question she already knew the answer to so she could continue the gossip chain at my expense! No I did not respond! Nor do I intend to! It pisses me off but I will let it go! It’s just petty bs and it’s not important so ill have a laugh over it instead!
Wish I could move south! Miss my kids!
Need to clean my house, but won’t today anyway, ( I said random).
Need to get ready for Xmas party for katahdin kids! Hope I haven’t waited too long, last minute. Omg! Panic I won’t be ready!!! Mrs Santa suit, prizes, game table, volunteers, and grab bag items! Omg
Lia Sophia party wens day! What am I doing?! So much on my plate!
Fundraisers done for now! Very time consuming and expensive!
Drop off room full! Work piled up ! Need to bust it out this week!
Oduls, fire in fireplace, kofie by my side…………..

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Left work early to drive to Biddeford , nice ride down and ate at china buffet, I liked the food but it didnt like me!
Excited about turkey dinner and all the fixings! Can’t wait to see the whole family! My favorite holiday! No gifts, just gather to visit and eat. Wish Christmas was the same! Minus the shopping and I could get to enjoy it more!
I have never done a Black Friday event! Can’t imagine it!! I think I’d be too anxious in crowds with every one talking and getting in each others way! There is nothing I really want that bad either! I’m the sort that gets what I want when I want it. Don’t wait for a reason. And good sales happen year round! But some people really love the challenge I guess! Ill snuggle grands instead! Saw no reason to be open at shop, everyone will be shopping in Bangor fr Black Friday. Besides John n I needed a break, all work and no play makes a dull boy …and a crazy lady! John does not feel good and gets very tired, I hope it’s not another bout with his heart coming up! He never swears and he swore a lot this past couple days, he’s exhausted a lot! Says he feels like barfing. Can’t enjoy food at all. He’s not getting any younger but I don’t think that’s it! Ill pray and try to stop worrying!
12:39am. I should go to sleep, so ill enjoy a rested day with family… Till later . Cya wouldn’t wanna beya!

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Do you feel lucky??!!!!

Thanksgiving is a good time to do a gratitude list, don’t ya think?! Well actually I kinda do on quite frequently cause if ya count the good things ya have in your life, it puts things into prospective. The good always out weighs the bad!
So here we go: 🙂 my husband , kids and grand kids all top of my list , together! Blended family that loves and respects each other. I love my husbands kids. Sisters, brother ,extended family loving people who have learned to overcome adversity and grow together! Work, sharing my days with the love of my life at our shop. We are so good together. Friends( my other husband! ( kidding no brother husbands / sister wives!!!!). Thats our digger by the way. He is so good to John and I , a very honest kind sweet man! Our volunteers past and present , the salt of the earth, fun caring generous people. Home, pets, ( dogs and birds) our faith, spirituality ( that’s not at the bottom of the list , it’s just the order in which I thought of it! I believe our faith and belief system is what has lead us to be good people, and has allowed us to raise our kids to be good people. I don’t preach my beliefs, I’m very private about religion and politics and things like that. Surface to say, without it we would not be where we are today. I have needed my faith to see me thru some pretty hard times, I’m grateful for that.
I’m lucky to have healed relationships, especially with my dad before he died. That’s a blessing. A great load was lifted when I forgave and let my self love him. I miss him. I hope he found peace and serenity in death. He never knew it in life! That’s sad.
I’m lucky for the long time friends who know me well and still care for me! They accept me for exactly who I am, stood beside me thru thick and thin. Never stopped being my friend even when I screwed up!
I really am blessed! When I list my blessings like this I’m like holy Jumpins! Look at my life ! its pretty awesome! Ok the washer finally stopped! Wow that was one long asks five friggan minutes! Just like a bassinet ball game or something!! Off the load dryer and go to bed! One more sleep before I hug my kids!!!!!!!!


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I’m home honey!

Wow it’s been a while! I’m gonna restart this dang blog! Now… How do I get people here, so I’m not posting to myself!? And how to I pretty it up and make it look like yours joe? And add photos!? And stuff?? It’s been so long I barely know how to do what I’m doing! Hmmm! Where to begin?
Ok.. This past week was either a test , or a prelude to the end( of the myan calendar. ) You know the big end! The Big Bang?! Lol. The big Kahoona!
The pellet stove broke( over $200.00 fix) the dishwasher broke( ha ha John has to wash by hand now) and the furnace is acting up, the credit union is being…. Well the credit union! What a friggan week, then there is my pathetic learning curve with the whole LiaSophia sales thing!! Ohh ya! That’s more fun than a monkey on a roof with a flame thrower!
I really got overwhelmed at work too! I’m ok now, just a brief wrinkle in the works! I kinda took it out on a keyboard! Ha ha John just stood there, never said a word! He is a saint so help me god! It’s all good now! A good night sleep and a real determination not to let it ruin another day! Threw myself into my work, killed it! BAM! Got a lot done and a better prospective in the process! I get so down on myself! I HAVE to stop hating myself! Omg!
Going to hug my kids and be happy and grateful for a couple days . That will renew my resolve!
Love our business! Love my customers, my volunteers, but miss my friends! Did not see much of them all summer! Have to fix that! Have to…

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We did it!!

We did it, we bought a business, and its awesome! DeJaVu Thrift Shop is our dream come true . After much research and many semi disappointments we found a business that fit us like a glove. Now I can be the gal version of American pickers ,Lol how cool is that!?! Working to make it our own requires many hours of working late, but once we do we can slow down n enjoy it. Painting and rebuilding. Shopping n stocking… Much to do, but I’m loving it!


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New dream… Or nightmare

If ya can’t make one dream come true( yet) then ya refocus and shoot for a new dream! So we are researching, planning, and fretting!
Maybe a business in our own home ( low overhead) be my own boss, hopefully secure my future( eventually).
Hey if you never take a risk you never have a chance to succeed! ( or fail) lol. But I am a positive thinker! If I want it I have to make it happen! I am the person who can do it! I think
I can… I think I can… And all that other motivational mumbo jumbo!
Or not!?? Lol. What to do ? Omg?! My head is swimming with information and it’s gonna explode! ( not to worry, small mess) .

I get all excited about a business, then i see the dollar signs and i get panicked and run in the opposite direction. I feel like I’m going crazy!( crazier) I am so over it! we are brainstorming! AGAIN lol AAUGH!


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